Vent Axia Silent Fan VASF100B 446658

Vent Axia Silent Fan VASF100B 446658

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Low Speed:

Air Extraction : 54 m3/hr | 15 L/s
Noise : 14dB(A)
Watts : 4.3w

High Speed:

Air Extraction : 76 m3/hr | 21 L/s
Noise : 26dB(A)
Watts : 6.8w

Officially the quietest intermittent fan available!

Featuring a high efficiency motor and a 100mm, 4 inch, forward curved, seven blade impeller, the Vent Axia Silent Fan delivers exceptional performance at incredibly low noise levels: Whispering away at 26dB(A) on high setting and only 14dB(A) on low speed, it is now officially the quietest extractor fan available. The 446658 VASF100B offers two fan motor speeds for precise ventilation specific to the individual installation. Factory preset to 15L/s for toilet installation, it may be adjusted on install to 21L/s for bathroom use and thus fully complies with current building regulations Part F&L. The Silent Fan features a stylish high gloss, 'ice white' front tile grille and sits unobtrusively in any bathroom aesthetic. It has a built in, spring loaded, one way backdraught shutter to prevent cold air entering the building. It is suitable for installation in bathroom zone three in the wall, ceiling or with separate kit 442947 may also be window mounted. All electrical works should be undertaken by a fully qualified, registered professional. The fan body is IP44 rated and the 240v motor has standard thermal overload protection. It may be wired into a remote pull cord, or for convenience, the lighting switch, even if the circuit includes low energy lighting. Built to the normal exceptional standards set by Vent Axia, the VASF100B Silent Fan is supplied with a 2 year guarantee.


Height: 160mm
Width: 160mm
Profile: 43mm
Overall Depth: 123mm

To install the Silent Fan you will need:

1 x Length of 4 inch / 100mm ducting
1 x External Grille (we recommend the Energy Saver Grille)
2 x Duct clamps
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