AM-510 EUR Digital Multimeter

AM-510 EUR Digital Multimeter

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Beha-Amprobe AM-510 (EUR) Digital Multimeter Details Whether you're fitting light fittings, installing electrical sockets or carrying out countless other electrical jobs the Beha-Amprobe AM510 is a great tool for any electrician to own. It can be used to carry out AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, AC current, DC current, continuity, battery testing and duty cycle testing procedures with multiple ranges available for each parameter and high accuracy testing results. The AM510 also includes a built in voltage detector which quickly indicates the presence of live voltages, ensuring users remain safe at all times. Other built-in functions include a torch for using the device in darkened conditions and a handy pouch for storing test leads. Both autoranging or manual ranging depending on preference, the AM510 also includes a relative zeroing mode, auto power off when left idle and is simple and easy to use. This multimeter is CAT III 600V safety rated.

Beha-Amprobe AM510 Digital Multimeter Key Features
Voltage measurements up to 600V AC/DC
AC/DC current measurements
Resistance measurements
VolTect non-contact voltage detection system
Audible continuity testing
Diode testing
Backlit LCD display
Data hold functionality
Relative zero mode
Built-in torch for use in darkened areas
Built-in test lead storage
Auto and manual ranging
Auto shut down when left idle
Low battery indicator
CAT III 600V safety rating
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