30m Wireless Plug-Through Door Chime Twinpack

30m Wireless Plug-Through Door Chime Twinpack

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The Byron Smartwares DB303 Wireless Plug-Through Door Chime has a 30 metre operating distance. It provides a single melody, ding dong chime, and operates using a fixed code. Its plug-through feature means that there is no loss of socket. Another mains powered object can to be powered by plugging into the chime's socket. It has a 80-85dB rating, depending on the sound. The battery life expectancy is up to 2 years depending on method/frequency of use.

The chime is mains powered.
The push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
Technical Specification:
Width: 56mm
Depth: 27mm
Height (including shackle): 134mm
Vertical shackle clearance: 51mm
Horizontal shackle clearance: 24mm
Shackle diameter: 9mm
Battery (replaceable): CR2
Supplied With:
1 x Masterlock DB333 30m Wireless Plug-Through Door Chime Twinpack
2 x Plug-Through Door Chime
1 x Wireless Push
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