2-Input 8 + FULL Output Distribution Amplifier 4G Filter on UHF, RED Compliant

2-Input 8 + FULL Output Distribution Amplifier 4G Filter on UHF, RED Compliant

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Ideal for distributing TV/FM/DAB signals for 4 to 8x TVs and high level output for further distribution
Fully screened distribution amplifier carries analogue/digital TV and radio, FM/DAB, Freeview, DVB-T and DVB-T2 HD TV signals
Separate inputs for VHF (Band III TV, FM and DAB digital radio) and UHF (Freeview, DVB-T and DVB-T2 HD digital TV)
Automatic line powering on the UHF input to power a masthead pre-amplifier for fringe reception areas or a long cable run from aerial to amplifier
A built-in, Class 3 4G filter providing 45dB interference protection
More efficient Switch-Mode Power Supply which runs cooler
Improved gain flatness delivering a better balance across the performance range
Lower noise figure for optimised signal quality
Greater signal handling capacity to cope with more channels
Better impedance matching and therefore improved signal transfer from amp to cable
FULL (17dB) output which can either be used for very long cable runs or via a signal splitter to feed up to 8x further points
RED Compliant
No of Inputs/Outputs: 2/8 + Full
Frequency Range: VHF 87-230MHz, UHF 470-782MHz
Gain per port: 10dB/17dB Full
Gain flatness: +/-1dB
Noise Figure: Typical <3.0dB/td>
4G protection Class 3: Typical -45dB
Isolation between outlets: 20dB
Max. output level (IMA3 -60dB): 85dBμV
Return loss Input/Output: 12dB/9dB
Auto Line Power on UHF: 12V?50mA
RED, EMC and LVD: Compliant
Built-in Power Supply: 220V~50hz <3W
Dimensions: 265 x 95 x 35mm
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