PSTAT Thermostat

PSTAT Thermostat

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PSTAT from SunStone brings simplicity and efficiency together for the best price. Setting up a program for your home can be done in seconds and users can also enjoy the flexibility of using permanent or temporary manual modes if needed.

Key Features
Simple to set-up
Multiple modes for better flexibility
Easy to use

The SunStone PSTAT is the simplest and most cost effective of thermostats in the SunStone range. It has three modes:
Permanent Manual mode:
This mode allows you turn the heating on and off manually as and when you see fit.
Temporary manual mode:
This is an override mode when your thermostat is running on a set program (see point 3). You can simply increase or decrease the temperature for however long you want, when you exit the temporary manual mode, the thermostat returns to its pre-established program.
This mode allows you to set an “On and Off” time for different periods heating throughout the day for each day of the week. For example, you can tell your thermostat to be on in the morning when you get ready, at lunch-time and in the evening before going to bed. You can program your thermostat entirely to your schedule. The level of simplicity the PSTAT provides means that you will have no problem introducing this device into your lifestyle. Furthermore, at such a competitive price, the PSTAT is accessible to everyone looking for peace-of-mind when it comes to controlling their heating.
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