Wago Wiring Centre Box

Wago Wiring Centre Box

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Using a wiring centre box is a safe and convenient way of wiring all connections to and from a heating system, making system testing a clean and simple task. Supplied with wiring diagrams for ‘S’ Plan and ‘Y’ Plan installations, features 221 series compact lever connectors which are pre-mounted and ready to use, due to the flexibility of the 221 series these wiring centres can also be used for lighting and alarm applications. 

Significantly reduced installation time due to lever operation
Suitable for all types of heating systems.
 Cable entries from behind or bottom face by cut outs
Supplied with wiring diagrams for S type and Y type plan installations.
 Easy mounting with 4 integral mounting holes

Technical Information

 221 Series Allow Up To 4.0mm 32A 450V 
  0.2 - 4.0mm Solid And Stranded Cable
 0.14 - 4.0mm Fine Stranded Cable
Dimensions (mm): Height 114mm, Width 159mm, Depth 35mm
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