Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit White

Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit White

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The white Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit, manufactured by ESP (part number: UDTAKIT), is a toilet alarm kit specialised for people with physical disabilities. It is incredibly easy to install, consisting of a 3-part kit: an indication module, a pull-cord module and reset module. The indication module is crucial for alerting people to a potential emergency - it delivers a 80DB tone alert sounder with a glaring LED alert triangle indication, once the alarm has been triggered. The pull-cord module features an anti-ligature mechanism which has a distinctive red cord pull-cord and the LED alert triangle has been mounted a maximum 120cm from the ground, so will be easy to reach for someone who has fallen over. The reset module also boasts a LED alert triangle that comes complete with an internal sounder: this is in place to reassure the user the alarm has been raised and help is on the way. There is great simplicity and functional thinking in the design of this alarm: it comes with a battery backup function (battery included), is compact to suit a variety of interiors, and is supplied with disabled people’s signs. This is the ESP UDTAKIT disabled toilet alarm kit, a simple to install 3 part kit: Indication Module, Pull cord module, Reset Module. It is designed to meet the criteria of care standards set out in Part M building regulations BS 8300. The ESP UDTAKIT Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit The indication module: it includes a 80db tone alert sounder with a clear LED alert triangle indication, for when the alarm is triggered. The pull handle to be 100mm from the floor. The second optional pull handle to be mounted 800mm or 1000mm from the floor. The pull cord module: it features an anti-ligature mechanism, it has a distinctive red pull cord supplied with two handles, and it includes an LED alert triange. It has to be mounted max. 120cm from the floor. The reset module: it features a clear LED alert triangle indication, complete with an internal sounder, to reasurre the user that the alarm has been raised, and that assistance is on its way. It activates when the pull cord is triggered, and it also provides system power input.

ESP UDTAKIT Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit - Features

Meets Part M building regulations and BS8300
Antibacterial properties and anti-ligature mechanism
Alarm to raise alert for assistance
It has a compact design to suit many interiors
The kit comes supplied with disabled persons sticker
All the modules come supplied with a single gang back box
Expandable: the system is expandable to include additional indication and pull cord modules if required
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