10 Way Split Load 100A Main Switch 2 X 100A Type A RCCB

10 Way Split Load 100A Main Switch 2 X 100A Type A RCCB

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1 x 100 Amp DP Main switch controls the entire board and allows for up to 10 x RCBO's or MCB's circuits
2 x 100 Amp 30mA RCD allowing form RCD circuits to be split around a building
Max No of MCB's or RCBO's = 5 + 5
Dual 100 Amp 30mA RCD Protection
Allows 100% RCD Protection
Option for High Integrity with Individual RCBOs
Allows for RCD Exemptions on MCBs
Main Switch controls all circuits
Second RCD for 2nd Group of Circuits
Range Overview The Hager Design 10 is a functional board created for all applications. As with all models in the range, there is ample cable space available even when RCBOs are fitted. The top mounted terminal rail makes the wiring of the neutral and earth connections neat and simple. Multiple fixing points, and a full metal DIN rail ensure the devices sit square. 100A Consumer unit enabling conformity with 18th Edition wiring regulations for overload protection of RCCBs and switches, in any single phase residential application regardless of the current rating to the supply authority fuse. Type A RCDs are provided, these devices can detect AC sinusoidal waveforms and pulsating DC components.
Technical Info
Multiple fixing points
All Design 10 consumer units contain top, bottom and rear knockouts and a meter tail cable entry plate as standard
No restrictions under the DIN rail
Cable entries positioned for easy access to devices
Cable entry protectors to prevent damage to cable caused by sharp edges
Rear cutouts optimised to give neater installation
Terminal bars are top mounted allowing for easy cable dressing - fully rated to 100A
Conforms to BS EN 6439-3 including Annex ZB (16kA rating)
Full range of accessories available
Height (mm): 246
Width (mm): 370
Depth (mm): 83/100

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